Augmented Reality to Set up New Opportunities for Gaming and Mobile Industry in coming years

Augmented Reality in Gaming (AR gaming) is the combination of amusement visual and sound substance with the client’s condition continuously. Not at all like virtual reality gaming, which regularly requires a different room or bound zone to make an immersive situation, increased reality gaming utilizes the current condition and makes a playing field inside it. AR recreations are ordinarily played on gadgets like cell phones, tablets, and compact gaming frameworks.

Most AR games are sketched for cell phones and tablets. With the assistance of cameras and sensors, the virtual substance is shown on the screen. The publicity encompassing Pokémon Go conveyed a lot of awareness regarding AR gaming. An augmented reality frequently develop a recreated situation over a player’s genuine condition. Much advanced AR games can build an environment for a game such a gaming environment could include, in-games characters moving from dining tables to couches on virtual bridges. AR gaming grows the playing field, with understanding what the users want and how they could make more attractive.

As per report analysis and forecast the global AR market for gaming to grow at a CAGR of 174.2% during the period 2016-2020.

The report provides detail study of current and future market growth of Augmented Reality in Gaming forecast period of 2016-2020. The report helps to understand the market density by calculating the revenue generated from sales, what the marker will size in coming years. There are complete detail study and analysis for prime factors for the development of the market, new challenges, opportunity, a threat on basis of past and current market situation of AR gaming.

Playing a game is loved by everyone, if AR could understand it and make great invocation in it, it could remarkable achievement for gaming sector. We have seen all smartphone or any mobile games are predefined, like what will happen next, after this stage next will stage will come with the same character everything is set a fixed. But AR gives a different treatment for the player with great fun and excitement choosing your own location, characters, and objective. Let make it easier, for example, the person waiting for the metro train he scans his smartphone in the nearby surrounding to make a scenario like same in “Subway Surfers”, a person could be that character and running around the tracks by same in the game, collecting points achieving different objects. Even with AR gaming users can scan surrounding and play race game on virtual road created by it.

The Key players for AR Gaming are Augmented Pixels, Aurasma, Blippar, Catchoom, Infinity Augmented Reality, Metaio, Qualcomm, Total Immersion, Vivid Works, Wikitude, Zappar and region which are cover in the report are Americas, APAC, EMEA.

Nowadays every manufacturer is deploying AR in smartphone devices which can be a great turning point for AR market and increase their value. But have to wait till actual things come out and work.

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