Rising Awareness about Artificial Preservatives and Baby Care will drive the Baby Nutrition Market

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“Baby Nutrition Insight: Issue 30” Report showcases detail analysis and research for the “Baby Food Industry” market offers detailed analytics for different functionaries such as industry research, fieldwork, market dimensions and trends and dynamics that affect our baby food industry in the world. The company’s detailed profile to provide detailed information about, key features and Highlights focus on development, division, per capita trends and various manufacturers and brands.

Analyze the brand’s current and forecast market conditions to identify the best opportunities to exploit. Detailed information about consumption by individual products to align your sales and marketing efforts with the latest trends in the market. Make significant changes in customer behavior to identify market needs and product innovation required for market growth.

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The report also highlights various new launch for baby nutritious product across the globe. Their review and analysis are covered in the report. In South Africa, the sale of wet baby diet is down in exchange for homemade meals or non-baby-specific products. While in the UK, the discounted retailer “Aldi Mamia” has launched a private label infant formula. In Spain, Dulcisol has added yogic organic yogurt to its “Mi Menú Bio” range, toddlers have been targeted. Danone’s like-for-like Brazilian baby nutrition business has increased by more than 10%. In the United States, the sale of infant formulas declined by 1.5%, as well as the store brands are making progress on the price of national brands.

“Feihe” is building an infant formula plant in Canada. In Russia “Wimm-Bill-Dann’s Agusha” well know brand for baby food. In France, at the end of June, the market price of baby feed is 1.8% and in value terms 1.9%. However, at the beginning of the year sales have increased recently. In Costa Rica, from September 2015 to August 2016, baby size was the fastest growing dairy product and sales increased by 20%.  In the first three-quarters of 2016, the sales of DSM nutrition cluster increased by 4.0%, which is 65.2% from 63.8% in the first three-quarters of 2015. Human nutrition organic sales have increased by 5.1% in 2016. Price derived from high volumes, slightly lower price.

The report covers the following regions and countries

  • AMERICAS: (Brazil Canada Mexico USA)
  • ASIA & AUSTRALASIA (Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand)
  • EUROPE (France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom)
  • AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST (Algeria, South Africa)

Major players “Baby Nutrition Insights” in market covered in the report are:

Abbott Laboratories, Atlantic Grupa DD, Ausnutria Holding Co Limited, Bega Cheese Limited, Beingmate Baby & Child Food Co, Bellamy’s Organic, Biostime International Holdings Limited, Blackmores Limited, Bright Food (Group) Co Ltd,  Bubs Australia Limited, Campbell Soup Company, China Animal Husbandry Group, DMK Deutsches Milchkontor Gmb,  a2 Milk Company.



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